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The Piercing Shop Las Vegas is Vegas' only full service body piercing studio for all your body piercing and modification needs. Our piercers are carefully selected, experienced piercers. Piercing shops Las Vegas typically don't carry a wide variety of piercing jewelry; however, we are different. We carry a wide selection of the best body jewelry available from industry leading manufacturers Neometal, Body Gems, Oracle, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, SM316, Leroi, Maria Tash, Tawapa, Intrinsic Precision, BLVA, Koas, glassware studio, and more. All jewelry is handmade in the usa, using implant grade titanium, niobium, gold, brass, fused quartz glass, silicone, stone and organics. We also sell a selection of original art, oddities, hand crafted jewelry, and more.

We offer all piercings from basic to advanced piercings, surface work along with genital piercings. we also offer tooth gems and taxidermy. Piercings are done using a gentle freehand techniques, implant grade, internally threaded titanium jewelry. All piercing are done in a separate room, where all jewelry and needles are sanitized. All items are opened in front of the client insuring a Surgical Aseptic Sterile Field.

Some piercing shops Las Vegas lack the proper equipment to do the job right. We on the other hand only use the highest quality equipment available. Every piercing is unique and accurate. Our clients satisfaction is what makes us a great piercing shop. Our piercers feel privileged to be able to express their art on the canvas of human skin. Seeing our clients happy with our work gives us a sense of achievement. The piercing industry is ever changing and the challenge for our shop is to always stay ahead of our competitors to ensure our piercings are the finest and most relevant to our customers.

We provide professional body piercing for everyone age 18 and over and age 16-17 with parent/guardian in person. All parties, INCLUDING MINORS, need to provide a valid state issued identification with name, picture & birth date. Come on down to The Piercing Shop, our fully knowledgeable, experienced friendly staff offer free advice anytime. We are located on the Southwest corner of Sahara and Rainbow on the second floor 6985 west Sahara Ave, Suite #206 next door to Pricz Tattoo 702-362-POKE (7653).

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Basic Piercings

From conch to auricle piercings, we have got you covered. The ear is a common piercing site which gives you a diverse selection of piercings to choose from!

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Advanced Piercings

Any body piercings you can think of, we can do! Your body is a canvas to which we can help you design with the various jewels we carry.

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Tooth Gems

We also offer placing tooth gems that are attached to the surface of a tooth for our customers. If you're interested, give us a call for more information.

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Yes, we also do Taxidermy! One of our expert piercers can help you out if ever need an animal to be taxidermied. Have questions? Give us a call!

Some Services We Provide

Conch Piercing

This piercing is done by making a hole through the cartilage of the ear. We provide both inner and outer conch piercings.

Auricle piercing

Auricle Piercings can be placed anywhere along the middle section of the ear. You can get a double and triple auricle piercing if desired.

Helix piercing

We also provide piercings of the upper ear, also known as the helix. You can get a single, double, or triple piercings.

Industrial piercing

The bar or industrial piercing is a piece of jewelry that is connected by two pierced holes on the ear.

Rook piercing

The antihelix section of the ear is perforated to complete a rook piercing. For more information, feel free to contact us!

Body piercing

We provide most body piercing services that are out. Double check with us to make sure we provide the piercing!

Have any questions or concerns? If so, contact The Piercing shop!

Jewelry We Carry:

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I've been itching to get my nose pierced for a long time! After plans fell through to go with a group on Fremont Street, I looked for a local place close to my house. I found The Piercing Shop, it has great reviews, so I decided to give it a shot! The nose piercing cost $60, and obviously a tip! I was promptly greeted by John, who also performed my piercing! He was...
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J L.

Danielle is money. She re-pierced my lip, very sweet woman - kind and professional. Everything was sterilized and done correctly. She gave detailed instructions and was extremely patient with all my questions (I ask a lot of questions). I healed in a month, exactly like she said. She's skilled. She has the experience. I'd recommend her to my close friends. Thank you for your business.
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This place was great! Open late on a Sunday night when I randomly decided it was time for a new hole or three! Walked in and Frank was a great help, he made great suggestions to make my peircing just a little different the the norm which was awesome! And it was painless! Tons of jewelry options and was very clean. Comfy couches to sit and wait on too which is always a plus! Will defiantly be back once these heal to get my other side! Also price was $60 a hole including everything, which I thought was pretty dang good!