Covid 19 Update - Due to State Mandate, all services are by appointment only and we are not currently performing Nostril or Oral piercing.


Here at The Piercing Shop, we offer hand-crafted piercing jewelry Las Vegas are from Sin City Stoneworks. Made right here in Las Vegas, NV, and owned by shop manager Shane Ranniger, our piercing jewelry is custom made for all of our customers. We offer a large range of designs using a variety of materials, including crystals and stones, paintings, tarot, taxidermy, and various oddities. We aim to make each piece special and unique and can make jewelry for different parts of the body too. Take a look at our portfolio of pieces to see some examples of what we can do for our customers.


Check out some of the piercing jewelry we have available at The Piercing Shop Las Vegas. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 702-362-7653.

Collection of Ear Piercings on Display
Oriental Dragon Piercing Jewelry
Goat Skull Piercing Jewelry
Shiny Collection of Ear Piercing Jewelry
Reflective Pair of Ear Piercings


Sin City Stoneworks piercing jewelry can be created for you in a range of sizes for any piercings, from earrings and plugs to nose piercings and more. We take great care to deliver just what our clients want, and each order is one of a kind. Whether you're looking for a special treat for someone you know or you just want to treat yourself, you just need to tell us what you're looking for. Get handmade piercing jewelry Las Vegas made to fit any size piercing and rest assured that you will have a totally unique piece.


You can buy piercing jewelry made using a number of different materials and techniques from Sin City Stoneworks. We make piercing jewelry using crystals, stone, wood, and more. The result is uniquely hand-crafted pieces that are unlike any other jewelry piercings. Talk to us about taxidermy, tarot, paintings, bone jewelry, crystals, oils, oddities and anything else that you would like to feature in your custom pieces. Because each piece is different and made by hand, you can see the unique markings on every piece of stone jewelry. They retain their natural charm and warmth, while also transforming into awesome shapes.


All of the piercing jewelry Las Vegas from Sin City Stoneworks is handmade right here in Vegas. Speak directly to the person who will be making your custom jewelry to make sure you get whatever you want. Working with our team, you can create special pieces that mean something to you or that you just think look amazing. We only use the highest quality materials and take care to produce well-crafted piercing jewelry that both we and you can be proud of.


Come to The Piercing Shop to enjoy beautiful custom piercing jewelry. Of course, as well as making jewelry, we also do full body piercing. Visit us for your next piercing or come and talk to us about that custom piece that you've been dreaming of. Each unique piece is designed to match what you want, no matter what you're looking for. No two pieces of jewelry are ever the same, so you can guarantee you won't spot someone else wearing the same thing as you. Treat yourself to something new or buy someone a special gift with our custom, unique piercing jewelry, handmade in Las Vegas.